Large-scale patrol marks implementation of Emergency PPKM in Probolinggo City


MAYANGAN - To ensure the implementation of the Emergency PPKM regulations on the first day, on Saturday (3/7) night, Probolinggo Mayor Habib Hadi Zainal Abidin along with the Probolinggo City Police Chief AKBP RM Jauhari carried out a large-scale patrol in the Probolinggo City area. The targets are shops, cafes, and restaurants that still violate the provisions of the Emergency PPKM.

"So actually we have carried out routine patrols continuously, but we focus on the next 2 weeks from July 3 to July 20, we include the Police, City, and Kodim, Emergency PPKM in Java and Bali, including areas where emergency PPKM is applied," explained Probolinggo City Police Chief AKBP RM Jauhari during patrol preparation roll call.

Riding a motorbike, Mayor Habib Hadi together with a joint team consisting of Satpol PP, Dishub, BPBD Probolinggo officers, members of the 0820 Probolinggo Kodim, and members of the Probolinggo City Police departed at 8 pm from the Probolinggo City Police Office courtyard.

Passing Jalan Dr. M Saleh, the mayor took the time to stop to give an education to one of the cafes that was still full of visitors. The mayor asked the cafe management and visitors to comply with the Emergency PPKM regulations, namely closing business operations until 8 pm and not being allowed to apply dine-in services.

Turning east, the mayor also monitored the condition of shops and restaurants along Jalan Panglima Sudirman and continued to the shopping complex on Jalan dr Soetomo.

Arriving at the city square, the joint team also gave advice and dissemination to traders and shop owners regarding the implementation of the Emergency PPKM regulations in Probolinggo City.

The mayor was also seen several times getting off his motorbike to help the team disperse the crowd. One of which was at the area of Jalan Cokroaminoto, where several young people were caught not wearing masks.

The patrol route continues south to the Gladak Serang roundabout then to Jalan Slamet Riyadi, Taman Maramis, Jalan Supriyadi, and Jalan Soekarno Hatta.

To ensure that the cafes and shops that have been asked to follow the Emergency PPKM regulations, there is a location that the patrol team visits again, on Jalan Dr. M Saleh. Again, Mayor Habib Hadi together with AKBP RM Jauhari came down to strongly appeal to visitors to go home immediately and ask the cafe owner to close the cafe.

Heading back to the Probolinggo City Police Office courtyard at 10 pm, Mayor Habib Hadi admitted that the condition of the city was quite conducive on the first day of the Emergency PPKM implementation. "In general, yes, it's quite conducive. Some places haven't implemented the regulation," said the mayor.

The mayor also asked the public to always be united in complying with the Emergency PPKM regulations so that the Covid 19 transmission rate in Probolinggo City immediately decreased. "If we all stick together, God willing, within the next 1 or 2 weeks, the Covid 19 cases will be decreased,” he asked.

Given the high number of cases of Covid 19 transmission in Probolinggo City as of Saturday (3/7), reaching 179 people, Mayor Habib Hadi hopes that the public will always be vigilant and maintain health protocols. "I hope that residents will maintain their health, prioritize health protocols, follow the appeals from the government for the safety of all of us," hoped the mayor. (alfien_tr)